Stuck in Dissatisfaction Hell?

i'm kim angell, the quantum satisfaction mentor™, and...

I'm Kim Angell, The Quantum Satisfaction Mentor™, And...


To Untouchable Satisfaction*

(*Requires no amount of "settling," but true, actual satisfaction — and hooks you up to the flow that leads to sugar, spice, and everything nice! ✨)

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Your Life


Hey, I don't know your specific story. But I'm confident I can paint a familiar picture.


For as long as you can remember, you've wanted more 

  • Money
  • Love
  • Time-Freedom
  • Sex Appeal
  • Health
  • Connection
  • Recognition
  • Etc.

You might have worked incredibly hard to make one or two of these areas excellent in your life. 


But the cost was always doing worse in one of the other areas. 


No matter what, you were left dissatisfied. 


Your once radiant self slowly got jaded, skeptic, and even outright nihilistic. Episodes of frustration, silent panic, and even despair have become frequent guests.


Overall, your life has been fifty shades of gray, and not in an exciting way. 





Untouchable Satisfaction


Please hang with me here, because we're going to be bold, but "untouchable satisfaction" is just code for nirvana. 


Yes. Actual nirvana.


And nirvana literally means to extinguish.


Many people misunderstand and think this is about ending "the cycle of reincarnation" forever, like some sort of ultimate suicide. As if nirvana was about extinguishing all life forever.


Nothing could be further from the truth!


What's really extinguished in nirvana is the illusion that you ever were incarnated. Along with this illusion, suffering is extinguished, and unconditional satisfaction is all that remains. 


You see, incarnation implies physicality, and even our best science today says that physical reality isn't literal. Physicality is only an expression of a deeper, underlying, NON-PHYSICAL reality.


And so, you were never incarnated to begin with!

Realizing this, you will of course never incarnate again. Which is to say, you won't fall for the illusion that you can ever be a physical being. (Which also means you won't fall for the illusion of death or think you're at the mercy of a cold and ruthless physical universe). 

This said, I'll get back to examples of how untouchable satisfaction looks. But in short: anything.


The more interesting question is really "How does untouchable satisfaction FEEL like?


It feels like...

  • Winning the lottery
  • Upgrading your entire family's life
  • Becoming a national hero
  • Solving world peace and hunger
  • Continually taking off your socks
  • Paying off debt
  • Having it all

But untouchable satisfaction isn't only about warm and fuzzy feelings.

As hinted to already, untouchable satisfaction is realizing AND EMBODYING Spiritual Enlightenment.


Spiritual Enlightenment is to understand that THERE IS NO physical world.


Our true nature is that of Oneness with Universal Mind, which is All That Is. As Souls, we're individuated aspects of the One Infinite Nothingness That Has The Supreme Power To Appear As Anything Forever.


What appears as physical is more accurately understood as the expression of Non-Physical Mind. This doesn't mean that that which seems physical isn't real or that it shouldn't be taken seriously. It just means it shouldn't be taken literally — as something that has mass, a location in space, and a duration in time. Again, this idea isn't really Buddhist, but modern science. 


Understanding that everything around us is more like imagination than something physical, The Untouchable Satisfaction Buddha (The One Awake to Untouchable Satisfaction), understands the inferiority of action to bring about meaningful change in its experience.

Just like a neuroscientist, The Untouchable Satisfaction Buddha understands that thoughts attract similar thoughts — that on a deeper level, emotions attract corresponding emotions and thoughts — and on yet a deeper level than this, that VISIONS attract corresponding visions, thoughts and emotions.


Given that the entire Universe is an expression of the "neural network" of the Universal Mind, The Untouchable Satisfaction Buddha understands that to change its experience of itself (its circumstances and the events of life) it must commune with this deeper mind by taking charge of its inner vision.

Because once the contents and energy of its inner vision changes, the external circumstances follow suit. 

(A total shift from obsessive physical action to engaging inner vision is what facilitates a "third eye awakening," which just means you've warmed up your visualization capabilites so much that you start receiving visions intuitively.)

Furthermore, The Untouchable Satisfaction Buddha understands that all souls share this infinite freedom to manifest their inner state,  and together with the understanding that time doesn't really exist, and so all moments exist in The One Eternal Moment, the Universe must contain infinite parallel branches of any given millimoment — all coexisting right now.

This understanding frees The Untouchable Satisfaction Buddha from any real worldly calling. It realizes there was nobody to save but itself. It can still create the experience of being a savior to others, which it does enjoy deeply. But it understands all is already well, and any calling is truly for the experience itself. For the adventure and the expression of G*d's Majestic Nature.


Knowing itself as All That Is — limitless love, power, and abundance is revealed.


Thus, The Untouchable Satisfaction Buddha's life will look completely different from mainstream ideas about what a proper Buddhist or Buddha's life looks like.


Expressing its own true nature, The Untouchable Satisfaction Buddha in human form will — most of the time — manifest a life full of money, sex, and power. 


Money represents energy and freedom, sex represents love and creation, and power represents enlightenment to our nature as supreme manifestors. 


And none of this is materialistic or physical, because again, physicality doesn't really exist.  And it's not materialistic because it's not coming from a place of needing these things to be satisfied, but from a place of expressing already-discovered, untouchable satisfaction.


Of course untouchable satisfaction also expresses in the forms of already-recognized wholesome and "spiritual" stuff, like harmony, generosity and purpose, but it also includes these so-called "worldly" things.


Embracing the full spectrum of itself, The Untouchable Satisfaction Buddha uses its Infinite Creative Potential to create a life that fulfills all important areas (Health, Wealth, Love, Social, Service, Fun, etc.) without sacrificing anything. 

And it does all of this effortlessly, first by guiding itself back to itself via reclaiming the power of inner vision, and then by allowing itself to unfold according to the Untouchable Satisfaction that is the emotional signature of its very being and nature ✨



The world's quickest, most pain-free path to untouchable satisfaction for spiritually inclined or open-minded people who are financially well-off.



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Very handy once you've awakened to your non-physical nature. 


In this service, you'll get a ~1 hour call from me once per month, where I use a special questioning approach to make sure you're fully awake and operating at your highest vibration — and crucially, that you aren't falling back asleep into physical illusion, spiritual disempowerment, and dissatisfaction hell.


Includes unlimited DM manifestation validation. Claim to me what you're manifesting and I will add my world-class conviction to yours. 


Current investment point: $450 per month (📈 will increase exponentially soon!)

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A 30-Day On-Demand Program Teaching You How To Get Literally Whatever You Want OR YOU DON'T PAY!*

Whether intentionally or not, "the external world" has gaslighted you in the most literal sense. In this program, we'll restore you to your eternal nature of divine creative power — unlocking every d*mn thing you could possibly want in the process — leaving you feeling like you won the lottery, cured world hunger, and as if you're continually taking off your shoes — all within 30 days OR YOU DON'T PAY!*

We'll achieve this feat by showing you the insidious web of lies that have you tucked neatly into an existential hell of limitation, suffering, and hopelessness. We'll then go over the actual science that illuminates the true nature of reality (no, not pseudo-understandings of quantum physics — we're talking real, actual science here), and then — after we're forced to evolve to a completely non-physical worldview — we'll start living in harmony with our new truth. The truth that your essential self is the very fabric of your life, and all the content and circumstances of your life are "images" of your inner world. We gain the power to change the way we live life by first meditating sufficiently on the philosophy implied by the latest science, gaining an unstoppable conviction in who we are as one with G*d/Spirit/Universal Mind. We start living in harmony with the resulting realizations by committing to a rigorous reprogramming of our matrix. Because matrices aren't in and of themselves bad. They're just bad if they cause you to suffer. So we'll construct an entirely new matrix that will produce effortless joy, prosperity, and yes, whatever the F U want!

[Fun fact: Matrix means womb. The Latin root of the word matrix is matr, which means mother. Your matrix is the womb, mother, or blueprint of your entire life and you are completely sovereign to design it as you wish!]

*30-day no-questions-asked, full cash-money-back GUARANTEE. And in fact, if you can also prove that you followed the program but you're still not satisfied, I'll refund you TWICE what you paid!


Note: I'm a former Thai Forest Buddhist Monk, but this course does not require you to be or become a Buddhist. Also, this program does not aim to relieve mental health issues. I'm not a licensed therapist, counselor, psychiatrist, or whatnot. If you suffer from mental illness, please seek the help of a qualified professional — especially if you're considering hurting yourself or others.


WARNING: Following through this program will make your life UNRECOGNIZABLE. This can feel uncomfortable at first. I do, however, provide an online community for fellowship through this potentially disorienting period. Instructions to join will be in the course!

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"Kim's coaching doubled my income in the matter of a couple of months, and I'm now co-founding a company based around my passion for coding and web development, which we estimate will easily lead to a $100M exit for me personally by the end of 2024. 

But Kim's coaching goes beyond money. He has reconnected and empowered me spiritually. His teachings on manifestation are incredibly powerful. As an example, I went from studying hard for relatively easy quizes and only getting C's to studying 40% less and getting a perfect A in something that's technically supposed to be more difficult (I'm studying for my Bachelor's in Applied Data Science).


All in all, I think Kim will agree I'm his number one supporter. Not only as a coach, but as a writer and general content creator too. I'm a life-long feminist, but even I wholeheartedly approve his title The Media Patriarch. If anyone should dominate media, it's Kim!"


"Kim’s body of work speaks for itself. He has written many thoughtful articles and produced several videos related to various aspects of mindfulness/manifestation. After a few conversations with this man you can immediately understand why he has chosen this profession as his calling. Kim is extremely self-aware and spiritually grounded. He’s always providing relevant insight in the content that he creates."


"Kim Angell is a kind, patient, and highly educated individual. His good intentions to help others shine through in his work as a life coach. Kim's ability to inspire and motivate people to become a better version of themselves is truly remarkable. After just a few sessions with him, I gained valuable insights and clarity that have made a positive impact on my life. I highly recommend Kim Angell to anyone seeking personal growth and guidance."



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