My 1:1 Coaching Offer

I bet the first question most of you have is why does it cost more than you could ever imagine any type of coaching cost?


You might be aware that most high-end coaches charge $100K per year, and maybe you've even heard about the few who charge $1M per year. But $1M PER MONTH? Why? How?


To understand the pricing, you need to understand two things.


First, what am I really selling?


The short answer is: YOU.


Because that is what Nirvana is. 


Nirvana is a complete return to your own awesome nature.


A return which unlocks everything you could ever want, of course, but a return that in essence represents nothing other than YOU.


I'm literally selling you to yourself, and how much of an ass would I be to price you cheaply?


Honestly, $1M doesn't do you justice, but this is my launching price for paid coaching, which is also why I say the price will increase exponentially soon. 


In fact, I'm 100% confident I will reach $1B in monthly coaching fees in less than 10 years from now, meaning the current price is 99.99% off.


Beyond the core end result I'm promising, consider that unlocking Nirvana really means you can have anything you want.


For my current target market (centimillionaires), my coaching will easily allow them to increase their net worths by at least $2M per month, which means I'm really selling money at half price. 


Of course, most centimillionaires won't come to me beause they want to make more money, but because they want something much more valuable than all the money in the world.


But if they wish to, they can leverage my coaching to make a lot more than it costs. And the way it usually works, they'll end up making a lot more money whether they want to or not.


Another reason my coaching is so expensive has less to do with the value of what I offer, and more to do with the fact that my own enlightenment has allowed me to download incredibly potent business ideas that I'm passionately working on.


These ideas will easily be worth tens if not hundreds of millions within few years. To only charge $1M for a month of coaching is to take a paycut compared to what I could have achieved.


You might wonder why I even offer coaching then, if it's a paycut for me. The answer is because I wish I had a coach offering what I'm offering.


That way I wouldn't have had to spend 12 years in dead ends on my spiritual path.


I wouldn't have had to endure so much depression, anxiety, despair, trauma, and humiliation. And my family wouldn't have had to suffer seeing me go through all of this.