The Satisfaction Solution

Why Nothing Works and How To Unlock the Quantum Satisfaction That Leads to Everything

The Satisfaction Solution is the result of my over 12 years of spiritual practice including having been a Thai Forest Buddhist monk. It presents a pristine train of thought echoed by actual science and mega success stories leading you to the undeniable conclusion that you are One with All That Is. 


I unpack all the implications of this world-rocking insight, which informs a whole set of practices that when implemented awakens Quantum Satisfaction within you — a sort of satisfaction that transcends space and time because it doesn't require any illusory conditions to be felt. It only requires the awareness of your truth — in all its implications and glory. One of the implications of your truth is that being consistently satisfied leads to everything you thought would satisfy you anyway, and this realization is key to the ability of your truth to create unconditional satisfaction — as you can rest assured your satisfied state will attract everything you could ever want anyway. This is why I call it Quantum Satisfaction. It's the wave of satisfaction that manifests in all the particular  ways personal to you.


The book isn't only theoretical, but includes anecdotal stories to bring the ideas to life, as well practical exercises, which in turn includes explanations for exactly why these exercises should be done and when. Rest assured, the practical part is not just a rehash of all the spiritual practices you've heard of or a list of blind commandments, but an organized, logical, and effective system — with plenty of room for personal preferences. 


There is currently only a plan for an ebook, which is what the pre-order button below is for. Don't expect a very long book either. My focus is on giving you exactly what you need to awaken Quantum Satisfaction within you so that you get to experience this whole different level of existing ASAP. 

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